General X-Ray Machine Operator Course Curriculum


GXMO Course Curriculum


GXMO 101 General X-ray Machine Operator - Minimum 40 contact hours

  • Course Description:This comprehensive course includes 20 classroom hours and minimum 20 clinical hours (based on whether attending a weekend or week day class). Students will learn the circuitry, and placement of components of an x-ray machine, radiation production, radiation safety, State and Federal regulations regarding use of x-ray equipment. The student will also be taught correct positioning skills with both phantoms and patient observation. Successful completion of this course qualifies the student to take the state licensure examination.

  • Learning Outcomes:
      1) Safely operate an x-ray machine
      2) Read and understand x-ray orders
      3) Practice radiation safety
      4) Know and understand the Ohio Department of Health requirements for General X-ray Machine Operators.

  • Prerequisite:18 years of age; High School Diploma or GED; If taken the General X-ray Machine Operator class at another facility and needing clinicals only, state issued General X-ray Machine Operator’s License required.