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Medical Assisting Program

OIAH admissions requirements, policies, and procedures are as follows:

1. All applicants for programs must be 18 years or older.

2. Must be a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate. Official transcripts must be sent from the originating school (or GED facility) directly to the Admissions Office of OIAH.

3. Applicants must submit a completed application to the Admissions Office including an application fee of $55.00 (except as pursuant to State Rule 3322-1-10 (F)(1)). Applicants must submit a clean rapid 10 panel drug test.

4. Admission to the MA Program is competitive and therefore potential candidates must demonstrate competency on all portions of the entrance test. A student must successfully complete the Ohio Institute of Allied Health’s College Readiness Exam as requirement for admission to the MA program. The Entrance testing is done at the school during designated times only. There are two general test areas that will be covered including: Reading, and Mathematics. Waiver of the entrance testing may be considered on a case by case basis based on previous education within the last five years and is solely at the discretion of the School Director/Program Coordinator.

5. Prior to the end of the first quarter, the student must successfully complete a Health Care Provider (CPR) class or already have a current Health Care Provider (CPR) card. Documentation is required. Students are responsible for ensuring that training remains current while enrolled in program.

6. Prior to acceptance into the MA Program, applicants must submit to fingerprinting and a background check to maintain compliance with the Ohio Revised Code. Note: Students convicted of crimes identified in ORC Sections 2903-2925 and 3716 are ineligible to participate in the MA Program since they will not be permitted to participate in clinical experiences nor take the National Healthcareer Association exam upon successful completion of the program. If background check has not been received prior to first day of classes, student must sign a waiver attesting to a background free of items that would prohibit licensing/employment. If results reveal and/or student has knowingly falsified waiver, then student will be removed from program.

7. Meeting all minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee admission to the MA program. The Admissions Committee may reject any applicant except for reasons based on race, color, sex, religion, gender preference, and national or ethnic origin. The decision of the Admissions Committee is final.

8. Prior to acceptance into the MA Program, the student must provide documentation of a recent physical examination, two step Tuberculosis Testing or chest X-Ray if a known positive responder and receipt of the following immunizations: MMR, Tetanus, and Hepatitis B series (completion, in-progress or declination statement).

9. Upon acceptance into the MA Program, the student must adhere to OIAH Drug and/or Alcohol Policies and may be subject to drug and/or alcohol screening throughout the program. A positive result from a screening could result in dismissal from the program.

10. Clinical hours may be scheduled at any time-of-day or day-of-the-week: day, night, late night, weekends or holidays. The student must be available to attend clinical sites anytime the student is assigned. Some clinical sites may require that a student be covered by his or her own personal or family health insurance. Patient privacy and the privacy of patient records must be protected. Failure on the part of the student to protect patient privacy or patient records could result in dismissal from the clinical site and/or from the program.

11. If an applicant is being sponsored (tuition paid by an employer or social service agency) a student/sponsor agreement must be signed by the applicant AND an authorized representative of the sponsoring agent.

12. 12. The student understands that the cost of tuition and fees does not include:

  • a. a. The cost of any required immunizations.
  • b. b. The cost of personal health insurance that may be required to work a clinical site.
  • c. c. The cost of transportation to and from school or clinical sites, including parking.
  • d. d. The cost of vehicle insurance.
  • e. e. The cost of additional uniforms and apparel other than the issued uniforms.
  • f. f. The cost of criminal background checks and substance abuse tests.
  • g. g. Any other cost that is not specifically identified above as being part of OIAH tuition and fees.

13. The student is a potential representative of the health care profession, and the student’s actions and inactions may reflect on OIAH and the clinical sites to which the student is assigned. Therefore, the student must conduct himself or herself in a professional manner, with integrity and responsibility. Failure to behave professionally can be a basis for dismissal from the program.