Medical Assisting Frequently Asked Questions


Medical Assisting Program - FAQs


Question: Can I expect to find a job after training?
Answer: Out patient care centers and doctor's offices are just a few of the venues where you can pursue entry-level employment. Your own hard work, attitude and experience will also play an important role in future employment opportunities.

Question: How much do medical assistants make?
Answer: Medical assistant salaries or wages may very depending on location, experience and work ethic. OIAH strongly recommends study hard and sit by the certification exam.

Question: Is the school I wish to attend respected by the industry?
Answer: OIAH is accredited. This means programs and teaching facilities have been approved by the industry professionals who set the rules.

Question: What is OIAH's pass rate for the licensing exam?
Answer: OIAH's passage rate for the 2015 year was 86%.