Massage Therapy Program


About the Massage Therapy Program:

If you are ready to begin a fulfilling career helping others on their wellness journey, then this one- of –a –kind, Ohio Medical Board-approved Massage Therapy Diploma program is for you! At OIAH, holistic health concepts are integrated into all coursework while preparing the student to take the Ohio State Board of Massage Therapy examination.


Our program is specially designed for people who want to focus on the clinical and rehabilitative approaches to massage therapy with a holistic understanding of healing. The OIAH massage therapy program has a strong foundation in traditional anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, and medical terminology.


OIAHs’ unique perspective integrates aromatherapy into massage therapy, and also teaches students the appropriate use of healing imagery to integrate into their practice. Additional topics covered include business training and starting your own practice.


Upon completion, the OIAH graduate is qualified to take the Ohio State Board Massage Therapy examination to become a Massage Therapist. Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT’s) work in medical settings or in private practice, they work in sports massage, in spas, on cruise ships – the possibilities are endless! Given the special holistic perspective OIAH provides its students, graduates will be able to integrate aromatherapy and healing imagery into their massage work, making it a complete body, mind and spirit healing experience for the client.


Massage Therapy Diploma Coursework

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1st Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Credit Hours Class/Lab/Clinical Hours Cost
ALH 102 Medical Terminology Admission to Program 1.5 15 Class $262.50
ALH 104 Ethics for Massage Therapy Admission to Program 1 10 Class $175
ARO 100 Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists Admission to Program 1 5 Class/10 Lab $175
BIO 200 Anatomy & Physiology: Intro to the Body Admission to Program 4 30 Class/20 Lab $700
MAS 100 Massage Theory Fundamentals Admission to Program 1.5 10 Class/10 Lab $262.50
MAS 110 Massage Theory I MAS 100 4 30 Class/20 Lab $700

2nd Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Credit Hours Class/Lab/Clinical Hours Cost
ALH 103 Business and Ehtics MAS 400 3 25 Class/10 Lab $525
BIO 210 Anatomy & Physiology II BIO 200 3.5 30 Class/10 Lab $612.50
BIO 250 Pathophysiology ALH 102 3 25 Class/10 Lab $525
MAS 200 Massage Theory II MAS 110 & BIO 200 1.5 10 Class/10 Lab $262.50
MAS 210 Art of Massage Therapy I MAS 200 2 15 Class/10 Lab $350
NDI 101 Non Directive Imagery for Massage Therapists None 1 5 Class/10 Lab $175

3rd Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Credit Hours Class/Lab/Clinical Hours Cost
BIO 260 Pathophysiology II BIO 250 4.5 35 Class/20 Lab $787.50
BIO 300 Anatomy & Physiology: Advanced BIO 260 4.5 35 Class/20 Lab $787.50
MAS 250 Art of Massage Therapy II MAS 210 3 30 Class $525
MAS 300 Massage Theories & Thechniques MAS 250 4 20 Class/60 Clinical $700

4th Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Credit Hours Class/Lab/Clinical Hours Cost
BIO 350 Pathophysiology III BIO 300 5 40 Class/20 Lab $875
BIO 360 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology IV BIO 350 5 40 Class/20 Lab $875
MAS 400 Advanced Massage Therapy MAS 300 2 10 Class/30 Clinical $350
MAS 450 Advanced Massage Therapy II MAS 400 3 20 Class/30 Clinical $525

Total Credit Hours & Tuition

Total Credit Hours & Tuition Class/Lab/Clinical Hours Cost
58 440 Class/200 Lab/120 Clinical Hours $10,150
Estimated Cost of Textbooks, Skills Lab Materials, Uniforms (3), Liability Insurance $1,250
Total Program Cost $11,400

Admissions and Enrollment

Each program has its own set of Admissions requirements in order to enroll. Please view the following document to see the Admissions Policy for the Massage Therapy Program. All applicants for programs must be 18 years or older and a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate.


Click here to view the General School Enrollment Policy.

Disqualifying Offenses for Enrollment


A criminal background could prevent enrollment into the Massage Therapy program. Please click the PDF below to view disqualifying offenses.

MT Disqualifying Offenses PDF

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