Medical Assisting Program


About the Medical Assisting Program:

Medical Assistants provide care and comfort to people with healthcare needs, and fulfill job responsibilities ranging from clinical to administrative tasks.


OIAHs’ Medical Assisting diploma program is comprehensive and offers a unique blending of traditional courses with holistic modalities. This unique program has a holistic focus, including a survey course in holistic/complementary therapies. Students learn about complementary applications such as the therapeutic effects of herbal remedies, uses of complementary modalities and energy work.


The OIAH MA program teaches the student a variety of front- and back-office skills, including: computer and communication skills, appointment setting and telephone skills, and medical office software, as well as vital sign monitoring, minor office surgery and other medical offices duties. This comprehensive program includes training in Billing and Coding, EKG and Phlebotomy, and allows the student to gain valuable hands-on experience by performing an externship at a local medical facility.


Upon successful program completion, graduates eligible for work in the following areas:

  • Entry-level Medical Assistant
  • Clinical Assistant
  • EKG Technician
  • Billing and Coding
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Receptionist

Medical Assisting Diploma Coursework

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1st Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Clock Hours Credit Hours Cost
ALH 102 Basic Medical Terminology None 15 Class 1.5 $300
PHL 101 Phletobotomy Technician Specialist None 40 Class/40 Lab/30 Clinical 7 $1400
BIO 108 Anatomy, Physiology & Disease None 30 Class/20 Lab 4 $800
HIM 260 Medical Office Coding and Procedures None 15 Class/20 Lab 2.5 $500
ALH 101 Introduction to Medical Assisting: Including Professionalism and Law & Ethics None 30 Class 3 $600

2nd Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Clock Hours Credit Hours Cost
GXMO-MA General X-Ray Machine Operator for MA Diploma None 20 Class/30 Clinical 3 $600
COM 110 Therapeutic Communication None 30 Class 3 $600
ALH 201 Survey of Drug Therapy BIO 108 20 Class/20 Lab 3 $600
MA 206 Medical Laboratory Procedures ALH 101, BIO 108 20 Class/20 Lab 3 $600
MA 201 Medical Practice Clinical Procedures I ALH 102, BIO 108 20 Class/20 Lab 3 $600
MA 104 Basic Clinical Procedures ALH 102, BIO 108 20 Class/20 Lab 3 $600

3rd Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Clock Hours Credit Hours Cost
ALH 130 Allied Health Informatics None 10 Class 1 $200
HOL 101 Holistic Foundations: Historical Survey None 20 Class 2 $400
MA 202 Medical Practice Clinical Procedures II MA 201 10 Class/20 Lab/180 Clinical 8 $1600
ALH 111 Medical Administrations ALH 101, COM 110, ALH 102 10 Class/20 Lab 2 $400
MA 105 Medical Office Management None 10 Class/20 Lab 2 $400

Total Credit Hours & Tuition

Clock Hours Total Credit Hours & Tuition Cost
Total Credit and Lab/Clinical Hours and Tuition 320 Class/220 Lab/240 Clinical 51 $10,200
Estimated Cost of Textbooks, Lab Fees, Uniforms (5), Technology Fees, Supply Fees, Liability Insurance, NHA MA Certification Exam, NHA Phlebotomy Certification Exam $1,868
Total Program Cost $12,068

Admissions and Enrollment

Each program has its own set of Admissions requirements in order to enroll. Please view the following document to see the Admissions Policy for the Massage Therapy Program. All applicants for programs must be 18 years or older and a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate.


Click here to view the General School Enrollment Policy.

Disqualifying Offenses for Enrollment


A criminal background could prevent enrollment into the Medical Assisting program. Please click the PDF below to view disqualifying offenses.

MA Disqualifying Offenses PDF

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