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Patient Care Technician (PCT) Certificate

Is providing Direct Patient Care in a variety of heathcare environments seem like the perfect career path?


Patient Care Technicians are health care professionals who work under the supervision of a nurse or a physician. The Patient Care Technician must be a State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA).


A patient care technician may work in a Long Term Care Facility, a hospital setting, home health or clinic setting.


The Patient Care Technician can perform the duties of a nursing assistant, examples: respond to patient calls and requests, assist patients with personal hygiene tasks, tidy patients’ rooms, serve meals and feed patients, assist with therapies and monitor vital signs. The Patient Care Technician can also perform additional skills required to work in a clinic or hospital setting, such as: drawing laboratory specimens including all aspects of the phlebotomist role, perform glucose monitoring, perform dressing changes, insert and remove catheters, remove IV’s, perform some dressing changes, perform ECG’s, setting up equipment, and assist with oxygen therapy.


Obtaining a certificate of completion requires the student to successfully complete a state approved STNA Program which is approximately 75-81 hrs. prior to enrollment in the PCT course. The student then completes the PCT/ECG program portion which is 120 hours total and Phlebotomy program portion which is 65 hours making the entire PCT program 185 hours. Successful completion of the program allows the student to sit for the certification exams in Phlebotomy and Patient Care Technician.


Upon successful program completion, graduates eligible for work in the following areas:

  • Patient Care Technician
  • State Tested Nurse Aide or Certified Nurse Aide depending on the wording on the job description
  • EKG Tech (Non-Certified)
  • Home Health Aide
  • Certified Phlebotomist

185 Clock Hours
10 Week Program


All classes, except for clinical, are held on the main campus located at:
6245 Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH 45424


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Clinical Training

Completion of in-house or off site clinical training

Additional Requirements

o Before beginning the program, students must have a current STNA License and a valid CPR/First Aid card, and have obtained a 2 -step tuberculosis (TB) test.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the role of the Patient Care Technician in the hospital/clinic/office setting. Demonstrate proficiency in basic STNA skills.
  • Understand role in caring for dying patients (including emotional support of patient and families)
  • Will understand basic anatomy, function of the heart and common conditions with the cardiovascular system.
  • Understand and demonstrate specimen collection and glucose monitoring.
  • Demonstrate procedures for 3-lead, 5-lead and 12-lead ECG’s and interpret common arrhythmias.
  • Understand and demonstrate the concepts of sterile technique including the concept of sterile technique used in catheterization. Understand and demonstrate sterile techniques and clean technique used in dressing changes.
  • Follow a plan of care and understand the PCT’s role in documentation

Equipment Used Within Program

The patient care technician classroom contains beds, exam tables, CPR equipment, microscopes, venipuncture arm, autoclave, centrifuge, glucose meter, privacy screens, a computer, a projector, and various other equipment and supplies that would be used in an urgent care or hospital setting.

Class Scheduling

Patient Care Technician classes are held Monday - Friday. The classes may start as early at 8 AM and can end as late as 6PM. Typically students should expect to attend at least 4 days a week, however some quarters, especially those with externships/clinicals the student may be required to attend 5 days a week.