Practical Nursing Frequently Asked Questions


Practical Nursing Program - FAQs


Question: How do I apply for the nursing program?
Answer: Contact the admissions department of OIAH at (937)237-1010 to begin the process.

Question: What is the application process?
Answer: The application process begins with successful completion of the TEAS entrance test. After the TEAS, you are required to complete an admissions enrollment packet.

Question: Is there a waiting list?
Answer: Currently OIAH does not have a waiting list for the PN Program.

Question: Do I have to take "fluff" classes?
Answer: No all classes in the PN Program at OIAH are essential for you to earn your diploma.

Question: What is OIAH's pass rate for the NCLEX (licensing) exam?
Answer: OIAH's passage rate for the 2015 year was 86%.

Question: Where can I work as an LPN?
Answer: In hospitals, private practice medical offices, surgical centers, emergency medical facilities, health maintenance organizations (HMO's) & long term care facilities. Remember that state licensing & other factors may limit the LPN role.