Practical Nursing Program


About the Practical Nursing Program:

The OIAH Practical Nurse (PN) diploma offers a unique holistic focus to the standard Nursing program. Our students learn about today’s fast growing complementary and alternative techniques, as well as learn hands-on techniques to utilize in your future career as a PN! In just four quarters you can receive your diploma!


The PN program prepares the graduate to competently and safely provide basic nursing care within the State of Ohio Nurse Practice Act mandated scope of practice for selected clients in various structured health care settings. The traditional practice role of the PN has been at the bedside providing routine maintenance medications and treatments for hemodynamically stable clients or general data collection and lifestyle teaching in physician offices. As the nursing shortage intensifies, the current PN role and responsibilities will continue to shift to meet client needs according to the established plan of care.


This competency-based program is 40 instructional weeks in length and incorporates the nursing process as a teaching/learning tool. The student will have opportunity to learn about nursing concepts and skills in a familiar classroom environment as well as through textbooks and online learning modalities. In addition, students will practice simulated experiences in the skills lab and perform competencies in the actual care environment under the supervision of an experienced registered nurse.


Successful completion of the first year of the Nursing Education Program will lead to a diploma and eligibility to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).


Practical Nursing Diploma Coursework

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1st Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Credit Hours Theory/Lab/Clinic Hours Cost
ALH 150 Allied Health Study Skills (5 Weeks) Program Admission .5 5 Theory $125.00
ALH 140 Allied Health Nurtrition (5 Weeks) Program Admission .5 5 Theory $125.00
BIO 140 Integrated Body Science Program Admission 4 30 Theory/20 Lab $1,000
NRS 100 Medical Terminology/Charting Program Admission 1.5 15 Theory $375
NRS 101 Practical Nursing Foundations Program Admission 4 30 Theory/20 Lab $1,000
NRS 110 Math for Nursing Medication Administration Program Admission 3 30 Theory $750
NRS 111 Nursing Pharmacology Program Admission 3.5 25 Theory/20 Lab $875

2nd Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Credit Hours Theory/Lab/Clinic Hours Cost
ALH 130 Allied Health Informatics Program Admission 1 10 Theory $250
HOL 101 Holistic Foundations: Historical Survey Program Admission 2 20 Theory $500
BIO 175 Holistic Human Functioning BIO 140 4 30 Theory/20 Lab $1,000
HOL 120 Therapeutic Herbology NRS 101 1 10 Theory $250
COM 110 Therapeutic Communication Program Admission 3 30 Theory $750
NRS 102 Integrative Nursing NRS 101 6 30 Theory/20 Lab/60 Clinical $1,500

3rd Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Credit Hours Theory/Lab/Clinic Hours Cost
NRS 106 Legal and Ethical Practice Program Admission 3 30 Theory $750
HOL 102 Holistic Interventions I HOL 101 2 20 Theory $500
NRS 103 Integrative Nursing II NRS 101, NRS 102 8 30 Theory/150 Clinical $2,000
NRS 112 IV Therapy Competency NRS 101, NRS 102 1 5 Theory/3 Lab/12 Clinical $250

4th Quarter Courses

Course Prerequisite Credit Hours Theory/Lab/Clinic Hours Cost
PSY 100 Understanding Growth & Development Across The Lifespan Program Admission 3 30 Theory $750
NRS 104 Lifespan Nursing NRS 101, NRS 102, NRS 103 7 30 Theory/20 Lab/100 Clinical $1750
NRS 109 Practice Transitions NRS 101, NRS 102, NRS 103 2 20 Theory $500

Total Credit Hours & Tuition

Total Credit Hours & Tuition Clock Hours Cost
Total Credit and Lab/Clinical Hours and Tuition 60 435 Class/120 Lab/325 Clinical $15,000
Estimated Cost of Textbooks, Technology Fees, Lab Fees, Supply Fees, ATI Testing Fees, Uniforms (5), Liability Insurance $4,100
Total Program Cost $19,100

Admissions and Enrollment

Each program has its own set of Admissions requirements in order to enroll. Please view the following document to see the Admissions Policy for the Practical Nursing Program. All applicants for programs must be 18 years or older and a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate.


Click here to view the General School Enrollment Policy.

Disqualifying Offenses for Enrollment


A criminal background could prevent enrollment into the Practical Nursing program. Please click the PDF below to view disqualifying offenses.

PN Disqualifying Offenses PDF

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